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Cowgirl / Spirit Themed Birthday Party

Sophia is turning 5! I hadn’t done much “theme” planning, but this week she told me that she really wanted a Spirit themed birthday party. Spirit as in her favorite movie, and her favorite Netfix show. Here are the simple Pinterest things I did to make it cute and fun, without breaking the bank!

For the food we did classic “cowgirl” and horse themed snacks. We had Hay Bales (Rice Crispie Treats), Wagon Wheels (Gluten Free Oreos), Horse Snacks (Carrots, Apples, etc.), and Prairie Dogs (Hot Dogs). We called the drink table The Watering Hole, and the forks were in a tin basket named Pitchforks. I used disposable pie pans for the plates, and used horses and Spirit paraphernalia, and balloons for decor!

I used a cool gold blanket as her “photo booth” background, and it all just looked so pretty! Some of the printables I made myself, and I’ll attach those below along with a link to where I found some of the other printables. Enjoy planning your fun cowgirl Spirit themed birthday party! I think this would also be so much fun in the summer, as you could use picnic tables, and have fresh corn and watermelon, or even real pony rides! Comment and let me know what you did!

Here are links to some of the printables that I used for the cupcakes, signs, and snacks.

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