Meet Salome


Hello!  My name is Salome, and I’m so happy that you’ve visited my blog!  I was born a Texas girl, but raised in the midwest, and have lived several places, only to end up back in the midwest!   I have come to learn that living in the country and ALL of the seasons are where my heart is the happiest!   I love the warm south, but nothing beats a gorgeous mid-west fall, yall!

I’m a mother to two awesome little girls, and wife to an amazing hubby.   I’m passionate about my small farm and living a lifestyle that puts emphasis on being healthier and more self-sustaining.

I love helping people see the potential in everything, whether it’s in their backyard for growing fresh food, the fun of raising chickens, homeschooling their children, or living a healthier lifestyle.

I’ll say it again, that I’m SO happy you’re here, and I hope you find inspiration and happiness in this little space on the web.  

xoxo ~Salome

What I believe in...



We believe in the Creator and His Son, and the sovereign Scripture as a whole.  We observe the beautiful, life-giving Torah, including the Shabbat and the Biblical Feast days.



We believe that the family unit is the foundation of a successful society, and we chose to educate our children at home, teaching them God’s commandments along with a challenging and wholesome education.



We believe that our Creator has endowed us with certain unalienable rights, and we support those rights in any way that we can.   We believe in the right to self-sustainability and the freedom to be prosperous and live with freedom in our country as laid out in our constitution.


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