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Hello! Welcome to the Pure Blonde blog! I’m Salome, your dutiful blogger friend! It’s been a minute since I did any blogging (aka, I had a “custom” blogger blog WAYYYY back in the day where I posted about nothing and everything, with weird colored “glow” filter photos). Anyway, I’m super excited to start blogging again, and really started this as a way to share family adventures, DIY projects, our homeschooling journey, life on the farm, my hair journey… Really, you name it! I always have people asking me about details about DIY projects, photography, country life, and the other things listed, so I thought I should just put everything in one place! At any rate, I’m SO HAPPY and honored that you’re here, and I hope you join me with a cup of coffee (or glass of wine depending on the time of day). Please stay a while, introduce yourself, comment, ask questions, share, and use this blog as a fun resource in your life! Talk to you soon!

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