The BEST DIY Nails!

Yall know, I’ve tried them ALL, and I’m happy to say that I’ve finally found my favorite DIY nails! (And how to find out my special nail hack that I use to make them last EXTRA long!)

I am someone who loves to look girly, but because of living in the country, having my girls home all of the time, and not wanting to send a lot of time or money to do so, I’m a HUGE fan of DIY beauty items that are easy, and hold up well with my country, DIY, farmstead lifestyle.

I had seen these nails a few times on Instagram and seen many bloggers I follow and just hadn’t pulled the trigger to try them myself. We recently had a trip to Florida coming up, and I had taken off my last pair of failed glue-on nails, and I finally decided to order some of these, and hope for the best.

They came in in a few days, and I was immediately impressed with the shape, thickness, and beautiful color and shine on these nails.

I have tried ALL the glue on nails, and so many of them do not have enough sizes, and the shapes are awkward when trying to apply them to my nail bed. Also, there are so many that are thin and the color isn’t well applied, so even though the glue may last, the nails start splitting, and the color starts rubbing off and fading. I thought there just wasn’t a comparable product out there that could really take the place of salon nails in look and feel, but I was seriously WRONG!

I have been wearing these nails for almost two weeks now, and they are just as beautiful as when I first put them on! I am SO IMPRESSED with these, that I immediately knew I had to write a post about these, and open up a pop-up shop for my friends to try them out as well. There are so many beautiful colors, shapes, lengths, and sizes to choose from, and new ones are being added every day.

Another thing I love is the price point. You can get two manicures out of each set, and they’re priced from $13-$15 for a set. $13 for two gorgeous salon-grande manicures, that I can apply in minutes from the comfort of my own home? YES PLEASE! Sign me up!

Also, this is my first time wearing these, and I used my favorite nail glue and application hack that I’ve used with other nails. The difference with these nails is that the NAIL has lasted as well as my application method, where other nails would have worn down and split by now! If you order some nails through my pop-up, I’ll also send you my exclusive application method that I use to get the LONGEST wear out of your nail!

If you’d like to look at the beautiful colors we have now, check out my pop-up link below to shop!


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