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Easy & Effective Seed Storage & Organization

How to save and organize seeds for easy access and maximum preservation.

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For far too long I have stored my left-over and un-used seed packets haphazardly in a closet, laundry room, or cabinet.

Every year I’d have to dig for them and lay them out, hoping they were still good and not spilled all over whatever manilla mailing envelope I had stuffed them into. And let’s not even talk about trying to figure out WHAT I had of each variety… It was a whole process in itself trying to figure out what I had, what was still good, and what I needed for the upcoming planting season.

This year, I decided I had ENOUGH of the chaos and organized my seeds in a super easy way! I found this adorable 4×6 photo storage case online with various snapping compartments. I love that they are the perfect size for seed packets!

I went through my seeds and separated them into “categories” and made these super cute little labels for each compartment to keep everything organized, and easy to find. I didn’t alphabetize mine, but that would be another easy way to find the seeds you need!

When I put my seeds in the compartments, I put the oldest on top and newest/unopened packets towards the bottom, so that I know right away which seeds should be used first! I store the entire case in a cool, dry, dark spot in my home to maximize the longevity and potency of the seeds as much as possible.

This was such an easy and effective method of seed storage, and the only regret I have was wishing I had done it sooner!! If you’re someone with a TON of seeds, you could always do a bigger storage box, or do multiple boxes with multiple cassettes for each variety of seeds.

As you know, I LOVE sharing any design pintables with my readers, so I’ve included the printable labels in my freebie library for subscribers! Just subscribe to my newsletter below to access this free printable as well as the others I have in my growing library.

Comment below if you decide to use this to organize your seeds!

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