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Women’s Crossway ESV Study Bible Thoughts and Photos

Hello and welcome to my new Bible review! I have been searching for a new study Bible since starting the Seeking Scripture year through the Bible program. I have been asking for friend recommendations, looking at different Bibles at church, and I realized that there aren’t a lot of great reviews on the “net” for Bibles. So now that I found a study Bible for WOMEN that I LOVE, so I thought I’d come on my blog and share that with any of you that are also looking for a new Bible.

I first shared my review on Instagram, so I’m sharing it here below with my blog readers as well.

Here are some photos from inside, because I ALWAYS like a visual when selecting a new book! I can’t say enough about how this Bible is just a joy to open up every day. The wonderful words of Yah filling my soul, and the beautiful illustrations and subtle gold accents filling my eyes and artistic mind with beauty.

This Bible also comes in a few different cover options, so I’m including links below for any of you that are interested in picking one up for your own studies.

I also got these beautiful Boho Highlighters and have been loving the quality and beautiful, subtle colors when highlighting all of my favorite verses in this new Bible.

If you decide to get this Bible, comment below and let me know how much you’re loving it!

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